Shunting/Train Route Protection System Put into Pilot Operation at Guangzhou EMU Base20056.com澳门太阳城

On Jan. 11, 2012, the shunting/train route protection system was officially put into pilot operation at Guangzhou EMU Base. By so doing, the accident rate will be greatly reduced in EMU depot operations. It will not only improve the departure efficiency, but also guarantee the safety of shunting or arrival/departure operations, so that Guangzhou EMU base can reach the leading level of EMU depot operations nationwide.

The shunting/train route protection system of Guangzhou EMU Base consists of Lineside Electronic Unit (LEU), LEU monitoring system, and lineside fixed / transparent balise systems that Jiaoda Signal provides. LEU, combined with ATC, relay interlocking and other devices, provides ATP of EMU with shunting, permitting and forbidding information via balises, thus addressing the requirements of shunting operations and route protection.