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Students from the Electronics and Information Engineering School of Beijing Jiaotong University come to visit Jiaoda Signal
“Do not forget the tree when you pick fruits from it, and do not forget the source when you drink water.” Jiaoda Signal Company and Beijing Jiaotong University maintain the extremely close relationship between them. Every year, the students from the University frequently come to visit our Company to deepen their understanding of what they have learnt at school and get an intuitive view of the railway signal products.

On March 15, some students from Class 1002, the Electronics and Information Engineering School, Beijing Jiaotong University, led by Professor Sun Xueliang, came for a visit. First, Li Junpeng, an engineer from our Technology Department introduced to the students our history, corporate culture and products. Then, he showed them our working environments, product demonstration areas and technical laboratories. Finally, he answered the students’ questions, and shared his own experiences in job opportunities and work experiences.
On March 20, over 180 students from Grade 2012, the Electronics and Information Engineering College, came to visit. They were divided into several groups to visit the offices on the 12th and 16th floor. After that, they visited Jiaoda Signal’s product laboratory and product demonstration hall, and had a thorough understanding of the operating mechanism and use cases of LT1-CZ2000 on-board cab signaling equipment and balise system. Their visit bridged the school and real world.

Since its foundation, Jiaoda Signal has kept a close relationship with Beijing Jiaotong University, which plays the vital part in Jiaoda Signal’s growth in the past 11 years. Adhering to the ideas of “focus, innovation, and responsibility”, Jiaoda Signal has accomplished the tremendous achievements in railway and rail transit fields, and has developed a decisive position in the industry. Focusing on scientific research, we are leading the industry and rewarding the University by offering scholarships for the students. We build up a joint training base and set up funds for graduate students. We provide internships for undergraduate students, and support the University by sustaining scientific research and cultivating technical personnel.