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Beijing Jiaoda Signal Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated on June 6, 2001 and was one of the first batches of railway transportation security device manufacturers passing the certification of the Ministry of Railways in 2005. 

We set foot in the field of automatic control of railway transportation and are dedicated to the development and technical services of the train control system. As the carrier of integration of production, teaching and research of the cab signaling project of Beijing Jiaotong University, we are committed to the cab signaling research achievement transformation and succeeding matching research and development, product production technical support and on-site application. As the key technological device of the on-board train control system, Jiaoda Signal on-board cab signaling equipment is safe, reliable, and technologically advanced, is widely applied in the national railway system, provides the key technological support for all previous railway speed-ups and plays an important role for pushing forward the railway technology advancement and guaranteeing the railway transportation security. The related technologies have been widely applied in the subway and light railway construction of multiple cities nationwide and remarkable social benefits and economic benefits have been achieved. Up to now, Jiaoda Signal on-board cab signaling equipment has won two prizes in respects of technological advancement released by the Ministry of Railways and one technological advancement prize at the State level.

To build a full and complete on-board train control system and master the core security technologies in an all-round way, we have been making improvements all the way in the past years, insisting on the independent R&D and original innovations, and expanding the technological investments constantly, and remarkable and fruitful achievements have been achieved. In 2007, we researched and developed successfully the track circuit reader (shortened as TCR), which has been applied in the high-speed passenger dedicated line EMU trains like Jing-Jin Line and Wu-Guang Line, and features stable and reliable performance. What’s more, we researched and developed successfully balise system (including the lineside balise, BTM-balise transmission module, and lineside electronic unit) in 2008, passed the technological review by and won the administrative security license from the Ministry of Railways, and became the first balise system domestically with the full and complete IP rights, filling up the technological blank in this regard domestically. These new products and technologies powerfully push forward the technological advancement of Chinese railway industry and will become gradually the pillar of our company for future development.

Jiaoda Signal has always been insisting on the principle of open cooperation, joint benefits and win-win and maintains close cooperative relationships with multiple railway signal system enterprises that are engaged in the railway signal system development, production and integration, home and abroad. What’s more, we have established stable and mutual-trust relationship with a broad mass of users in the course of long-term technological promotion.

It is our unremitting pursuit to offer the most leading and reliable signal products and the most professional technological services, with a view to push forward the constant improvement of the railway signal techniques. In the current era when the railway industry develops by leaps and bounds, Jiaoda Signal values all supports and confidences, and will take on the responsibilities to track the frontline technologies of the related fields constantly. We will adhere to the independent innovations, intensify cooperation with all parties to embrace the opportunities and challenges, and feed the society by better products and techniques.

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