Onboard (cab signaling) data recorder
Product Overview
The on-board cab signaling recorder is an on-board recording device supporting the cab signaling equipment, and it is mainly used to record the relevant information related to the cab signaling host.
The on-board cab signaling recorder & cab signaling record data analyser (hereinafter referred to as “data analysis and processing system”) performs the analysis and processing of recorder data.

Technical Features
CPU on the recorder board uses 32-bit DSP chip with synchronous and asynchronous serial ports, featuring low power consumption but high speed.
The on-board cab signaling recorder& cab signaling record data analyzer uses the dumping device to dump the recorded cab operation data into a computer in the specified from, and uses the analyzer to analyze the relevant files. During the analysis process, the user can directly carry out information interactions between the monitor and computer, i.e., to set the parameters, select the analysis functions, control the analysis process, view the analysis results, and print them output via a printer. In addition, the user can upload the specified file onto the server through network device to obtain the relevant technical support, all on the Internet.

Certification Information
Typical Applications