(JT1-CZ2000)On-Board Cab Signalling Equipment
Product Overview
JT1-CZ2000 on-board cab signaling equipment has achieved significant breakthroughs in safety, reliability, receiving capability and maintainability via indigenous innovation of a number of critical technologies, totally addressing the major demands for on-board signaling as the main signaling in the complex railway environment.

1.The complete 2oo2 safety structure and a number of safety designs to ensure the high safety of the equipment;
2.Redundancies such as dual power supplies and dual receiving coils, as well as hot switch technology to ensure the high reliability of the equipment;

3.Signal input interface featuring broad band and large dynamic range, to enable one hardware unit to adapt to multiple signal systems;
4.High-speed 32-bit floating-point DSP technology for real-time and concurrent receiving of multi-system signals;
5.Up to 200A unbalanced current resistant to traction current interference to address the requirements of domestic heavy duty lines; and
6.Complete functionality of data recording, as well as the capabilities of signal testing and remote monitoring of online on-board devices and track circuits.

Certification Information
Typical Applications
JT1-CZ2000 on-board cab signaling equipment has been widely used in China’s existing railways and various local railways, accounting for more than 90% of the total cab signaling equipment. It is also used in some special sections such as the Qinghai-Tibet Line, and Da-Qin heavy duty railway.