BTM-Balise Transmission Module
Product Overview

Y·BTM consists of BTM host and on-board Antenna, and it’s used for receiving the up-link telegram from balise and transmitting it to the subsequent-stage equipment. This product is a key part of the signal system developed to meet the large-scale application of China Railway Passenger Dedicated Line, which has passed the technical review by the Ministry of Railway and the tests by Euro balise Testing Center , proved to be the first homemade on-board balise transmission module with fully independent intellectual property rights, it maintains some technical parameters even better than the overseas similar products.


Technical Features

1.Dual redundancystructure used to enhance the availability of the equipment;

2.The optimized up-link demodulation technology and real-time data decoding to improve the equipment’s receiving performance in the interference environments;

3.The 2oo2 fault-tolerant security  structure with DSP + FPGA isomerism used to ensure the safety of data decoding and transmission;

4.The multilevel telegram buffering introduced to guarantee the telegram integrity when it is passing the Balise Group at a high speed;

5.Support for various communications interfaces and protocols such as RS-422, CAN, and ProfiBUS.

Certification Information

1.Passed the technical review by the Ministry of Railway;

2.Obtained the Certificate  of the Ministry of Railway for Transportation Safety Equipment Manufacturer;

3.Passed the relevant tests set out in Eurobalise FFFIS Test Specifications, SUBSET-085, issue2.2.0; and

4.Underwent the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and type tests in line with the relevant railway standards.

Typical Applications
It has been successfully applied in the fields of high speed railway and  urban railway transit, including 250km/h and 350km/h EMUs; supporting applications of CTCS-2 on-board system and Guang-Shen-HK passenger line equipped with CTCS-3 on-board system; as well as CBTC on-board systems in Yizhuang Line and Changping Line of Beijing and No.3 line of Chongqing.