How Safe Is Your Firearm

Owning a firearm requires many safety precautions to be taken. The purpose of owning a gun might be for personal safety, a passion or a profession but storage of the guns is as important as owning it. While people are more knowledgeable and keen in the maintenance part of such weapons, many people do not know how to store their guns in a safe place. Not storing a gun in a proper place is one of the deadliest decisions one could ever make.

Organization, Safety, and Protection

Many gun cabinets and gun safes are available for every gun of varying sizes. As firearms have accessories and cleaning tools attached to it, one can opt to buy a gun cabinet to store all the things together so that it will be easy to find. When all the accessories and the required documents are stored in one place, it is easy to locate them and find if something goes missing.

While a small handgun fits in a small gun safe, there are bigger locking cabinets available for people who want to store their collection of guns and rifles. Gun safes are available in different models, the ones that are suitable for office, home and the ones that look like a briefcase for the ease of carrying. There are also cabinets available that are large enough to keep the gun and its ammunition separately. Isn’t it wise to store them apart just in case a child has access to the gun, he might still not be able to fire it without the ammunition? This is where safety review of the best under bed safes comes into the picture. Many places in the United States have a strict law in terms of owning a firearm. It is the gun owner who is charged with a crime when his gun is stolen or accessed by a minor. It is, therefore, of utmost importance, to store the gun in a gun safe to protect oneself and their children.

The Four Basic Rules

The four rules of handling a firearm hold true even when it is stored. Let us first run through the rules. The gun's always going to be loaded.The muzzle won't cover anything you don't want to shoot.No fingers on the trigger right up until what you are going to shoot is within your sight.Always be sure about the target and things beyond the target. Based on these rules, the firearms need to be stored in a safe place. Storage and safety differ based on the individual who is owning the firearm. While a shooter or a hunter might store their firearm in a particular fashion, the storage of a gun used for defense purposes is different. The presence of children is also a key factor to be taken into account while storing the guns. If the guns are left loaded, unlocked and readily available, there is a greater potential for accidents.

Firearm Storage for People with No Children at Home

The primary purpose of owning a gun is either personal or for self-defense. If it is for protection, then there is no point in unloading the firearm and locking it in a safe place. If the firearm isn’t accessible to you at the right time when an intruder is in your house, it doesn’t solve the purpose. The best option at this point is to carry the firearm with you. It is more comfortable when you have a firearm on your body to safeguard you. When you carry a gun with you over a period of time, it becomes a part of you.

If this option is not possible, then it is better to keep in a “secret” place that is not so complicated. This is to ensure that you have access to the weapon when you need it the most. Plan in advance about the place where you want to keep that weapon based on where you spend most part of your time at home. Also, think about the most suitable storage space nearby. The Gun safe used to store the gun should also not require any complicated combinations as the accessibility will become tough. A good option would be to store them in safes with biometric lock.

Firearm Storage for People with Children at Home

The best option to store firearms when children are around is to carry it on the body. When at rest or if not willing to carry, then there is a complication involved. Here again, a biometric safe which is readily accessible is the best option. They can be opened only by the person who owns it and there is no need to remember any combination. Have a forearm that is not for defense purpose? Unload it and store the gun at a safe place and the ammunition at a different place.


Gun safes not only protect the firearms that you own but also helps you by keeping them away from reaching the wrong hands. Whether you own a single gun for defense needs or have a collection of firearms, it is essential to get an appropriate gun safe that is simple and affordable for you.